Validation Program​

Dedicated support for experimentation and prototyping based on systematic validation, as well as a strategic launch and growth plan

You want to scale new business models, but you don’t want to take the risk of failure. We assist you in bringing your ideas to market quickly, reducing risk, and creating a faster path to revenue and profitability, so you can capitalize on a first-mover advantage, develop new markets, and ensure your future relevance and success. We can assist you on a variety of levels. We can validate your work for you or coach you from the sidelines.

The Results

Accelerated growth

Validation is a methodical process that we employ effectively. We accelerate growth by managing the pace and validating the right assumptions and key failure points at the right time, in the right order.

Measurable impact

We incorporate the appropriate metrics into your project and experiments in order to measure and monitor results in each growth phase and anticipate accordingly.

Efficient resource allocation

We provide frameworks and relevant data to aid in the assessment of innovation, resource allocation and go/no-go decision-making.

New capabilities

We transfer our knowledge and expertise to your innovation team, increasing its validation power.

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