Startup Golden competition

In today’s modern society, innovation and entrepreneurship are universally recognized as driving economic progress and social development engines.

The project

Every 6 months, Nedgate hosts Netherland’s largest Startup Competition for non-EU inventors, start-ups and young entrepreneurs, an effort aimed at combining innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage new ideas to be developed and formed as a business firm in the Netherlands.

The Opportunity

The call is for non-EU individuals or teams who are starting or running a business and have creative projects or ideas. Participants will have the opportunity to increase their project’s visibility and recognition among Netherlands’s most innovative major players in the technology sector, investors, and experts who may decide to support the realization and growth of the business idea.

10 startups will enter the final. In Final and after “Golen Pitch” 5 start-up will be chosen and rewarded by following Prizes and Offers:

20000-euro Grant

visa program for the Netherlands and EU

25% Capital investment of their Startup ‘equity by Nedgate

Free access to all Nedgate’s training programs

Free access to all Nedgate’s mentors

Free access to all Nedgate’s facilities (workspace, labs…)

The Golden pitch

The ‘golden pitch’ is a 5-minute presentation in which you summarize your business endeavor. An effective pitch must present the business concept in a succinct manner in order to capture the audience’s attention fast.

Our Call

The Startup Competition 2022 is now accepting applications.

The Festival’s Innovation Team will announce the ten startup finalists who will have the opportunity to present their pitch to the judges and the public in the following months. Each team will get five minutes to present the most important aspects of their concept. After then, the jury will have another two minutes to ask questions. At the conclusion, there will be voting and the announcement of the winning startups.


The following criteria will be used to choose applicants:

  • Team members’ abilities, industry understanding, and project feasibility.
  • The product/service is in the development stage.
  • Positioning regarding competitors; Degree of innovation and its defensibility.
  • Consistency with market and client needs, as well as potential outreach; the idea’s commercial potential.
  • Applicable for Netherlands and EU

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