Acceleration Program

In only one week or a few months, you can get from original concept to tangible new business model possibilities and a launch and growth strategy.

By pushing your innovation team toward targeted results, we help you solve your strategic challenge and build future value quickly. We help you and your team conceive, test, implement, and scale new business models quickly using our award-winning innovation technique. Within this accelerator program, we boost speed, quality, and results while also pushing your business model to the cutting edge of innovation.

The results

Clear and shared vision

We build a North Star vision for fresh future wealth generation based on your strategic objectives and a shared understanding of ‘now.’

New business models

To give substance to your strategic vision and objectives, new concrete business model possibilities and value propositions are being developed.

Launch & growth plan 

A clear plan to systematically build, test, validate and grow the new business models in the market.

Engaged and accelerated team 

An activated and engaged workforce with a new mentality and new innovative capabilities that can be applied in your organization in a long-term manner.

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