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What we do

Nedgate equips startups, talented entrepreneurs with infrastructure, resources and networks that can help them to grow.

Why Nedgate?

We offer programs for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators in the shortest route to the right connections, knowledge, and possibilities. We facilitate entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. We organize match events to connect you to a vast network of investors, mentors, and companies.

What facilities

Nedgate offers various facilities to entrepreneurs and enterprising professionals. looking for a flexible workplace, conference room or a location for an event? With meeting rooms and event rooms from 1 to 150 people, we always have a suitable location.

Why The Netherlands

Knowledge-based Economy and Favourable Business-climate is the Main reasons you should choose the Netherlands. This climate can be characterized as innovative, business-friendly, flexible tax and legal-system, well-educated people, good connections.

We have established a network across the EU for expat entrepreneurs and startups to start and grow!
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Our Events

Our events are extremely important to our clients. New ideas emerge here, and you meet talent, entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors. Every year, we collaborate with our partners to put on a calendar full of inspirational events and meetings centered on innovation and entrepreneurship. One time from technology, the other from the process of ensuring that breakthroughs succeed. From lecture to challenge, from working visit to festival, we’ve got you covered. View our program and learn about the options available to you!

Startup Competition

We are confronted with global issues in every part of the globe. We traverse the world in search of unorthodox ideas that have the potential to tackle major global concerns. The difficulty is that they are frequently disregarded and never come to completion. We want to offer these solutions a chance to show themselves to the rest of the world.


Check out our latest events to find out where we are travelling next. Can’t see your city? Don’t worry! You can also join a selection round hosted purely online.

We work with corporate partners that want to collaborate with the most exciting startups in the globe. Join one of our challenges to gain faster access to the market, knowledge, and funding.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in our Global Meetup finals? Then persuade us. Using our open application system, you may create your own fan following and promote voting.

Training Programs

We can swiftly incorporate your Netherlands company and provide all-inclusive services. In most cases, forming a corporation in the Netherlands takes 3 days from the time we receive your official documentation. This training can be completed from a distance. It is feasible to incorporate a Dutch BV business in one day via an expedited procedure. The creation of the firm necessitates the completion of various paperwork, all of which are handled in both Dutch and English.


To accelerate innovation, the Nedgate network connects tech companies with corporate partners, investors,venture capital, experts, specialists, and mentors. With over a decade of expertise, we understand how beneficial a single introduction, a simple meet-up, or a single handshake can be. Our startup network places a major emphasis on making those crucial contacts for digital entrepreneurs.

We proud to invest in these startups, Who is Next?



With Shake-on, networking is as simple as a handshake. Once a handshake has been made between two people, the smart bracelets will automatically exchange basic contact information with each other. Watch conversations spark in a seamless and natural way!


Goldin is an Utility Token that allows companies to remunerate their loyal users and customers for beneficial behaviors and responses.


Tricky cycle

“Tricky Cycle" is an intellectual mobile game application. To start the game players must choose one point on the board and the other circles will be appeared(the number of circles are depend on the game level), the player must catch other points according to the rule of movement.


Hadi Mortaz

Business coacher

Dr. Javad Abbasi

Marketing coacher

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Our testimonials

“Nedgate has been a great accelerator in our journey into the international business world. The program help entrepreneurs to develop soft & hard skills to build up their ideas. Moreover the program expand their market by offering business networks and resources.”
Sam Rajnkar
“Nedgate gives the credibility to your firm while you are still in the early stages of development.”
Alireza Solfagarinia